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The best of concierge services

Paul. John Paul.

Vodka-Martini, shaken not stirred”: say exactly what you want, whilst smoothing your moustache, before hanging up. That was John Paul at the other end of the line.

John Paul is the luxury concierge who joined us in 2016. Anything is possible with him. Booking tickets for the opera, a helicopter trip, a hotel room, a visit to a football stadium or a volcano… A thousand bespoke service experts bend over backwards all day long to meet the demands - from the simplest to the most fantastic - of a million VIP guests. And most of the time it’s all achieved through a business club that has a contract with the concierge service.

And because we’re always aiming for innovative services, John Paul has invented “the augmented Concierge”, combining the refinement of the traditional concierge service of a luxury hotel with digital personalization.

This acquisition, the world leader in the concierge market and an absolute gem when it comes to guest relations, strengthens our promise to make guests “Feel Welcome” and our determination to give our guests ever-better service, so they feel unique and special.

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