Our promise

We are far more than a worldwide leader. We are 250,000 men and women united by the same passion for welcoming people, and driven by the same promise: Feel Welcome. We make this promise resonate in our 4,500 addresses across 100 different countries.



“Feel Welcome”, our signature. But more than that, Feel Welcome is the very essence of the hospitality that drives us every day. It is a promise we make to all our stakeholders. Even stronger than words, here it is in pictures:

Feel Welcome, it's the most universal, simplest and warmest promise in our profession. It lends richness and nobility to what is most important in our view: hospitality, opening up to the world and curiosity about others.

Feel Welcome also illustrates what we offer our guests every day. Always with this same motivation: for them to feel awaited, unique, special, and lastly, for them to be filled with delight.

Feel Welcome is also a state of mind and a commitment to all our people, the promise of a considerate Group, open to all, from every background, a group that nurtures talents and passions.

Feel Welcome is of course a guarantee of success for all our partners and future partners.

Feel Welcome also perfectly symbolizes our commitment as a civic-minded company that shows solidarity, taking care of the planet and of millions of people every day.


Feel Welcome

Our new promise