Food & Beverage in 2016

Must-visit addresses, friendly settings, foodie sanctuaries: our restaurants and bars are fast becoming destinations in their own right, and are run by teams that are proud of their expertise.

Chef cooking in his kitchen

Chef cooking in his kitchen

Proud of our food!

Food and beverage is a key element of guest satisfaction and a powerful differentiator. As such, it is one of the central features of AccorHotels’ new hospitality and was the focus of a host of initiatives in 2016 designed to revamp the offer. As a result of these measures, our guests are satisfied, our revenue is growing, with some spectacular increases, and our teams have a renewed appetite for conquest and pride in their professions.

Portrait of quote-amir-nahai Amir Nahai Chief Executive Officer Group Food & Beverage, Committee Executive member

On average, food and beverage represents one fourth of our brands’ revenues. Since 2015, we have taken measures to restore the former glory of this profession which fosters true expertise and creates considerable value.


In Germany, Relax, the new concept rolled out in 13 Mercure hotels, was designed from start to finish by a workgroup made up of employees. It aims to revamp the food and beverage offer with round-the-clock snacks, simple dishes, and tasty, local recipes. Every detail (the outfits, service organization, etc.) was designed by the teams. They even posed for photos that reflect their new mindset perfectly, revealing their pride and good spirits.

Daniel Döring F&B Manager at the Mercure Muenchen City Center

The Relax concept is just perfect for my teams and I. It’s a real change from “old fashioned” catering, and the fact that we don’t have to wear a standard uniform makes it even more modern. I’m very comfortable with this concept and I’m freer too. I can take initiatives both at the bar and in the restaurant.


  • Over 8,000 restaurants and bars

  • 200 million meals

  • €5 billion in revenue