Our ambitions

Since 2 June 2015 we have been broadening our playing field to speed up our transformation.



Driven by the Chairman and CEO, Sébastien Bazin, our Group strategy aims to meet several key objectives:

  • Increase the appeal and reputation of our brand portfolio in all segments of the market.
  • Continually innovate, assert our presence in new geographic areas.
  • Surprise our guests by offering them something new, with bold design choices, new lifestyle properties, an all-new Food & Beverage strategy and attractive loyalty program.
  • Invent the hospitality services of tomorrow.


  • Strengthen our presence in destinations with high potential.
  • Develop leadership potential in our 250,000 talented employees.
  • As a civic-minded Group that shows solidarity, continue to commit to our PLANET 21 sustainable development program and show the way for the whole hospitality sector.

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30 equally demanding Brands

To accompany and support the traveler at every stage of their life. Meet all their needs. From the affordable comfort of our economy brands, to the incomparable experience of our high end luxury addresses, we make it a point of honor to offer a portfolio of standard-setting, internationally renowned brands. In all segments of the hotel industry, our employees welcome our guests with passion, unparalleled expertise and the service quality of a worldwide leader.

We inspire, in every market segment

Each of our brands has its own vision.
Constantly improve our services, develop flagship hotels in key destinations, firmly establish our leadership, aim for excellence: that's our vision for our Luxury and Upscale segment.  At the same time, our midscale brands are continuing to surprise their guests with constant innovation, a food and beverage offering that has been given a complete rethink, and steady development to meet the needs of all international travelers. And because comfort & accessibility are not mutually contradictory, our economy brands are regarded as sure value assets in the global hospitality business, now asserting a more designer look and demonstrating at every moment the clever, complementary nature of a portfolio that meets the needs of a wide clientele.  
Over the decades, in each of these segments AccorHotels has succeeded in establishing itself as the pioneer.  The future promises new surprises. 


Our new brand portfolio


And what if we went further? 

Over the last 50 years our Group has developed expertise in offering a unique welcome.  We fully intend to extend this know-how beyond our walls.  And assert our propensity to constantly innovate and demonstrate our agility in a sector undergoing profound change.


This was our reasoning behind the recent acquisition of John Paul, the world leader in the concierge market. AccorHotels intends affirming its ability to explore occupations very closely connected to our traditional hospitality professions that have the same mission at heart: to serve international guests and travelers in the best way possible. Support and guide them throughout their trip, with the Wipolo app, bought in 2014. Or offer them the option of staying in exceptional serviced villas or apartments for longer stays or for group or family trips, thanks to the onefinestay, Oasis Collection and Squarebreak brands. 

Sébastien Bazin Chairman and CEO

In the coming years, we intend making a third of our HotelServices revenue by targeting professions with which we were not associated in these last 50 years.


Innovation at AccorHotels is also, and above all, the result of in-house creativity that receives endless stimulation. The work of teams in the innovation department, the Marketing Innovation Lab, led to the creation of a new lifestyle brand, tailor-made for millennials. A ground-breaking hospitality concept that combines the best in terms of digital experience with living areas designed as much for young globe-trotters as for locals, to create what may be termed “open houses”. The first JO&JOE property will open in 2018 and the brand will then continue to grow in the center of some of the most fashionable of destinations.  This creation is symbolic of the Group's ability to break the conventions, as much through the originality of what it offers as through its internal innovation processes. 


On 12 July 2016 AccorHotels announced the start of a project to create a dedicated subsidiary for HotelInvest, its real estate division, in order to equip itself with greater financial resources to speed up its growth, ultimately opening up the majority of HotelInvest capital to third party investors through this legal structure. These additional margins for maneuver will be used to develop the two business lines within AccorHotels, seize new growth opportunities and thus maximize the Group's total value.

Become our guests' travel companion 

Digital is central to our guests' lives. The ramp up of online booking platforms, immediate expression of positive or negative guest feedback, emergence of new collaborative practices, for example with private rentals, have been a game-changer for our hotel business. For all these reasons, we have put the digital realm at the center of our strategic agenda.

In order to reinvent digital hospitality, we have modernized the process our guests go through to make bookings and stay with us, we have equipped our teams with shared digital resources, made our relations with our partners more flexible and launched innovative experiments. Since 2015 over a thousand members of staff have worked on these issues and made progress on around a hundred projects, some of which are already in the process of deployment. accorhotels.com is already establishing itself as the benchmark hospitality platform, with 12 million monthly visits. Demanding in its selection criteria and powerful in terms of the solutions it offers, it is now open to independent establishments.

Our digital presence has been greatly increased and yet our transformation has only just begun. 

Revamping our Food & Beverage offering 

The worldwide success of cookery programs is evidence of the ever-increasing number of gourmet food enthusiasts. The public have become real experts, and demanding experts at that! Before choosing a venue for lunch or a drink, consumers spend a long time perusing online reviews and ratings. They spend less and less time sitting at the table, but are hungry for simplicity and transparency: they are concerned about the provenance of the food they eat and its impact on their health. In order to meet all these expectations, we undertook to win people over once more with a tempting new Food & Beverage offering, with lovingly prepared new concepts, fitting in with our teams' strong personalities and we reexamined our procurement. Because we know that our hotel bars and restaurants are going to play a key role in the coming years in building up a new form of hospitality that generates emotion and unforgettable moments.

Our selective development strategy

Our development strategy has a dual goal: to strengthen our presence in our leading markets and to establish key positions in emerging countries. So we have opened the same number of rooms in the Asia-Pacific region and Europe, whilst establishing ourselves in destinations with strong potential, such as Angola, Saudi Arabia, Cuba and Iran.

Added to this is the fact that 41% of the hotel base was operated under management contracts, 33% under franchise agreements and 26% was owned or leased.

That's the sign that we now have one of the most attractive brands portfolio in the sector. The two strategic deals, namely the purchase of Fairmont Raffles Hotels International and the agreement signed with the Chinese group, Huazhu, will further strengthen this status in the coming years. And our guests throughout the world will be the first to benefit from this progress, with an ever-increasing number of properties and destinations under our brands.

Transforming our management culture 

A service profession where our guests have always been the judges of our performance. But travelers have changed: they're smart and more connected, more curious and thirsting for new experiences, emotion and personalized attention. Transforming our hospitality, by offering this added soul to the 500,000 guests staying at our properties each day, therefore means helping our 250,000 employees to create unique moments and experiences. How? By training and developing them, encouraging them to express themselves, and supporting them so they prove to be self-reliant, bold and collaborative. We recently redefined our shared values base and devised a new personal development strategy, based on each individual's potential leadership capability. Through intense work on digital acculturation, we invited each of our talented employees to play a role in the Group's transformation. And when individuals make progress, the entire organization moves towards change.


Reinventing hospitality sustainably 

Sustainable development and solidarity are core priorities for us. With our PLANET 21 program, launched in 2012, we are making a strong commitment to the planet and the communities wherever we are based. And we are forging new routes towards an increasingly exemplary hospitality business.

Whilst we are entering a phase of steady expansion, we are reaffirming our vision of positive hospitality, generating value for everyone to share: PLANET 21 speeds up and intensifies our commitments which actually constitute a major competitive advantage for the Group, our brands and our partners.

In fact, our guests are increasingly aware of social and environmental issues and it is our responsibility to offer them accommodation that respects their values. It also includes 21 commitments with precise targets that all hotels must achieve. With PLANET 21, AccorHotels is placing sustainable hospitality at the center of the Group's strategy, development and innovation.

In 2016, the Group set its sights on 2020, making certain basic commitments such as reducing its environmental footprint and it identified new objectives in line with its evolving business model and strategic priorities, such as Food & Beverage and sustainable property management through HotelInvest.