The Sebel

Unparalleled Apartment Collection.




A high level of autonomy in elegant surroundings? The Sebel is THE upscale apartment brand in Australia and New Zealand, offering the warm experience of an unforgettable stay. Like at home.

  • 1,665 rooms

  • 26 apartments

  • 3 countries

The Sebel Welcome
The brand offers spacious living spaces, where guests can relax and feel at home, with the benefit of a level of freedom that no room could ever give them. These apartments offer all that's needed for each traveler to enjoy the experience of a tailor-made stay, notably thanks to a superb kitchen, dining room and laundry facilities.

The Sebel Host
Guests are welcomed by a warm and attentive “Sebel Host” who establishes a friendly, almost familiar relationship, right from the start. Tracking down the best theatre seats, making bookings at the most popular local restaurants and suggesting those must-do activities in the area...  “Nothing is too hard”: the Sebel motto has never been so true.

The Sebel Lounge
A true extension of the living space, The Sebel Lounge is the perfect spot for reading a book, having a glass of wine, meeting up with people or catching up with friends on email. Every element within this space has been meticulously selected and offers a timeless, peaceful atmosphere.

The Sebel Spaces
The spacious apartments and Suites feature high quality decoration. Each detail has been carefully thought out to enable travelers to enjoy total independence during their stay.
A unique atmosphere, backed up by an exemplary, personalized service that's welcoming and efficient. The objective? To relax in total confidence.

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