Our tips to apply

Do you want to join our teams and be part of the AccorHotels experience? Here are our tips and FAQs on successful applications. At AccorHotels, your application will always be welcome.

Lobby hotel shadows two employees talking taking care of luggage client

Lobby hotel shadows two employees talking taking care of luggage client

Aranxta Balson Talent & Culture Director

All talents are leaders at AccorHotels


Your CV is your business card: it determines the first impression that recruiters form of you. Make sure it is clear and concise, a maximum of one page and allows the reader to see at a glance the skills and experience that are most aligned with the position applied for, and with our Group. At AccorHotels we recruit personalities, so don't be afraid to show some of your own, for example by stating your personal interests! The most important thing is to proofread thoroughly. There's no excuse for spelling mistakes. If you really cannot stand CVs, why not innovate and introduce yourself with a format that fits your personnality? 


Your covering letter is a unique opportunity to convey key messages to the recruiter. Say what your motivations are: why AccorHotels in particular, why this vacancy. Introduce your talents, the skills you acquired during past experiences, what you could bring to this role.

Lastly, give an idea of your career plans and demonstrate that you have properly understood all of the position's challenges. One last tip: if you don't want to sound fake, stick to the truth.


Ignore the urban myths: you can't ad-lib your way through an interview, you have to prepare for it. This special opportunity to dialogue with the recruiter is a unique chance to convince them that you're the right talent for the job. You therefore need to do your homework on us, our news and our values. For each argument, have a concrete example to share and identify in advance the key information that you want to convey, so you don't leave out the most important things. On the day itself, remember that it's mainly about two people talking to each other, so have faith in yourself and be natural.


Just like you, our recruiters are active on social media and professional networks, including LinkedIn, Facebook and others. This is therefore an opportunity for you to take a different approach to showcasing your professional identity and optimising your visibility, for example with recommendations. We don't need to say it, but we'll say it anyway: be careful with your personal pages.

AccorHotels.Jobs can offer you fantastic opportunities directly on social media!

Unsure of something? 

We're on hand to answer your queries.

Because it contains your pre-filled personal details, the candidate account allows you to quickly apply to the vacancies you're interested in. It also allows you to track your applications, update your profile or withdraw an application at any time.

Good things come to those who stay informed. Register for job alerts and you'll receive all the latest vacancies that match your search criteria. Now that's handy! 

If you want to make your CV visible to all of the Group's recruiters, just tick the "yes" box in the last stage of the CV submission form. Your CV will be added to the platform, where our recruiters search for profiles that match their requirements. You can even see how many times your CV has been viewed in the "my CVs" section of your candidate area

It's understandable for an applicant to be interested in several positions: you can therefore apply to several positions at the same time, with no maximum limit. However, to make the recruitment process more effective for you and the recruiters, please ensure that the vacancies are suited to your skills, level of experience and availabilities.

Your application will be automatically sent to the appropriate recruiter, who will respond to you by email or telephone. Response times may vary, but will never exceed the vacancy deadline. You can therefore track the progress of each of your applications in your candidate area at any time.

Of course! By submitting your CV to the CV library, you can choose to make it visible to all of the Group's recruiters, without having to apply for a specific vacancy first.   

Click on "Contact" at the bottom of the AccorHotelsJobs homepage to open a dialogue with the AccorHotels Jobs webmaster. He or she will answer your questions or direct you to the appropriate person.