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The crème de la crème of the private rentals market, people bending over backwards to serve you 24 hours a day, a digital lab... We present our latest alliances and acquisitions.



“Mi villa es su villa” with hotel service to boot.


What we love about private rentals is the charm of the local experience and that feeling of being “as though you were at home” in distinctive private addresses.  And paradoxically, sometimes the downside is precisely because of the feeling of not being at home. Because of having to play umpteen rounds of rock-paper-scissors to decide who has to sleep on the sofa bed; trying to forget while you're asleep about that terrifying portrait of some old uncle hanging in pride of place above the double bed; having dinner by candlelight, not so as to add a touch of charm but because every other lightbulb is dud; washing your hair with household soap because you forgot your shampoo; and coming back from the beach or the museum early to tidy up, put things away and wash the dishes.

If you've ever experienced one of these situations, then shut your eyes. Now imagine a private property where you'd feel at home. And forget about the rock-paper-scissors bit, the old uncle's picture, the candles, rough hair and dirty dishes. Imagine the perfect stay, where everything's in its place, all to hand. Now open them again: you're at onefinestay.

The reason we've made this acquisition is precisely because this business has succeeded in combining two features that are fairly unlikely to be found together: the sharing economy and a refined hotel service.

Nimble fingers

What makes the difference, apart from the rigorous selection of exceptional addresses[i] , is the teams of professionals who are there to carefully prepare the private homes ready to put everything back in its place as soon as the guests depart. And everyone benefits. For the owners, it is the guarantee of finding their property in good condition. For the travellers, it’s the comfort of a made to measure service, from the personalised welcome to the availability of a local team 24/24 and 7/7. 
[i] Only one house in ten is selected

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The best of concierge services

Paul. John Paul.

Vodka-Martini, shaken not stirred”: say exactly what you want, whilst smoothing your moustache, before hanging up. That was John Paul at the other end of the line.

John Paul is the luxury concierge who joined us in 2016. Anything is possible with him. Booking tickets for the opera, a helicopter trip, a hotel room, a visit to a football stadium or a volcano… A thousand bespoke service experts bend over backwards all day long to meet the demands - from the simplest to the most fantastic - of a million VIP guests. And most of the time it’s all achieved through a business club that has a contract with the concierge service.

And because we’re always aiming for innovative services, John Paul has invented “the augmented Concierge”, combining the refinement of the traditional concierge service of a luxury hotel with digital personalization.

This acquisition, the world leader in the concierge market and an absolute gem when it comes to guest relations, strengthens our promise to make guests “Feel Welcome” and our determination to give our guests ever-better service, so they feel unique and special.

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E-commerce ace

FASTBOOKING, king of boosting

FASTBOOKING, which the Group took over in 2015, constitutes the digital bricks and mortar of our strategic acquisitions. But what is FASTBOOKING, exactly?  “The digital native e-commerce problem solver” is what is says on its site. Here's our crib sheet with all the essentials:

A “digital factory”

FASTBOOKING's aim is to restore power to independent hotels by giving them access to cutting-edge technology and digital expertise that enables them to be distributed on AccorHotels.com.

These virtuoso back-end developers also provide our addresses with a “web studio” to build high performance websites and devise new solutions, such as “smart pricing”.

A sales driver…

…By increasing its visibility:

Whatever route the traveler takes to make a booking, the hotel will always be visible and have its status enhanced by teams of pros.

…By optimizing its profit:

The Cloud-based FASTBOOKING platform is a perfect fit with the hotelier ecosystem. The result: with just one click, all commercial offers can be relayed on all distribution channels: OTAs, Marketplace and direct site.

…By analyzing its market:

With a whole range of market intelligence and analysis tools to increase its competitiveness by improving its online reputation.

A glocal boost

FASTBOOKING serves its customers around the world in over a hundred markets with local teams for personalized advice.

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Availpro came, and a pro of BtoB was made

After FASTBOOKING, a new gem joined us at the start of 2017: Availpro. Why this combo? To make the Group the 1st European BtoB service hub aimed at independent hoteliers. Availpro, in a few words? A turnkey e-booking solution, a high-performance software suite and, the secret arm, a Smart Channel Manager (to see all its online distribution at a glance).

Steven Daines Chief Executive Officer New businesses, talking about Availpro.

By combining with FASTBOOKING, AccorHotels positions itself more than ever as a hotelier at the service of hoteliers