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By transforming our AccorHotels.com distribution platform into an open marketplace we have become the leading hoteliers serving hoteliers.

Woman working on her tablet computer

Woman working on her tablet computer

Portrait of quote-sebastien-bazin Sébastien Bazin Chairman and CEO

Transforming our distribution platform into an open marketplace is a major initiative for the Group and the result of a new approach to our profession and business model. (...) These initiatives and the launch of the new AccorHotels app have the same objective: the continued enrichment of our digital ecosystem and reinforcement of our position as a hospitality industry pioneer and trailblazer.

  • 10,000 hotels distributed on our platform by 2018

  • 300 key cities around the world

  • 92 countries

A major first in our sector

The opening of our distribution platform “AccorHotels.com”, right at the heart of our new digital strategy, is a sign of the profound transformation in our Group. With our bolder approach, we’re changing the game in our sector, by becoming - a first for our sector - both an operator and distributor, at the service of our guests and independent hoteliers.

In short, opening up our marketplace to the best independent hoteliers guarantees our guests a wide, expert and select offering, available just by clicking on our AccorHotels.com app. 

50 years of know-how and the eye of an expert

Our guests trust us and we ensure they reap the benefits of that trust: only the best independent addresses are distributed on AccorHotels.com, so as to give them the best welcome throughout the world. What are our selection criteria? The same as our clients! In order to suggest only the best addresses, we shortlist only those rated above a certain level on TripAdvisor and we even go and visit them in person to judge their quality for ourselves!

Our only wish is to give our guests the greatest satisfaction. Where's the proof? With us, unlike the other common practices on the web, here, no bidding system! In other words, your first results will not be the hoteliers who've paid us the most but rather those who, objectively, will be able to offer you a high quality service, most closely matching your selection criteria (location, price, comfort…).

As the cherry on the cake, members of our free loyalty program, Le Club AccorHotels, accumulate points even when staying at independent addresses, provided they book through Accorhotels.com. 

Download the AccorHotels App, available on IOS
Download the AccorHotels App, available on Android

A partner of choice for the independents

The digital era and emergence of new players as well as new consumer habits are making the hotel industry immensely complex. Now the world of the independents cannot have the striking power and technicality of the big groups, to emerge in the digital jungle. They have suffered the full brunt of the arrival of online travel agencies and seen their profitability halved in just ten years.

Against this backdrop, our AccorHotels.com marketplace constitutes an additional distribution channel, or even an appealing alternative to the greedy OTAs. Our commission is more competitive, our contract terms simpler and we do not impose any rate matching or exclusivity clauses! Unlike our competitors, in order to ensure our independent partners' lasting growth, we send them the data on their guests - without demanding theirs - thus enabling them to engage with them before, during and after their stay.

Following our purchase of FASTBOOKING which increased our digital know-how and services, we offer hoteliers unprecedented support. From the creation of their website to guiding their digital marketing campaigns and including the provision of tools for optimizing revenue management and business intelligence, we work in partnership with them, offering transparency and high performance in equal measure.

Last but not least, then note that they can even become partners in our loyalty program, Le Club AccorHotels, and allow their guests to earn Rewards points on the cost of their booking. 

E-commerce ace

FASTBOOKING, king of boosting

FASTBOOKING, which the Group took over in 2015, constitutes the digital bricks and mortar of our strategic acquisitions. But what is FASTBOOKING, exactly?  “The digital native e-commerce problem solver” is what is says on its site. Here's our crib sheet with all the essentials:

A “digital factory”

FASTBOOKING's aim is to restore power to independent hotels by giving them access to cutting-edge technology and digital expertise that enables them to be distributed on AccorHotels.com.

These virtuoso back-end developers also provide our addresses with a “web studio” to build high performance websites and devise new solutions, such as “smart pricing”.

A sales driver…

…By increasing its visibility:

Whatever route the traveler takes to make a booking, the hotel will always be visible and have its status enhanced by teams of pros.

…By optimizing its profit:

The Cloud-based FASTBOOKING platform is a perfect fit with the hotelier ecosystem. The result: with just one click, all commercial offers can be relayed on all distribution channels: OTAs, Marketplace and direct site.

…By analyzing its market:

With a whole range of market intelligence and analysis tools to increase its competitiveness by improving its online reputation.

A glocal boost

FASTBOOKING serves its customers around the world in over a hundred markets with local teams for personalized advice.

Discover how FASTBOOKING gives a boost to hoteliers


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Availpro came, and a pro of BtoB was made

After FASTBOOKING, a new gem joined us at the start of 2017: Availpro. Why this combo? To make the Group the 1st European BtoB service hub aimed at independent hoteliers. Availpro, in a few words? A turnkey e-booking solution, a high-performance software suite and, the secret arm, a Smart Channel Manager (to see all its online distribution at a glance).

Steven Daines Chief Executive Officer New businesses, talking about Availpro.

By combining with FASTBOOKING, AccorHotels positions itself more than ever as a hotelier at the service of hoteliers