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A breath of iodine-rich air!



In the frenzy of daily life, where everything rushes by at 200 km an hour, it becomes vital to just let go and take a break to regain your balance between the body and the mind. Thalassa Sea & Spa uses seawater, a source of life, to offers its guests the 5 keys to well-being: balance & nutrition, stress & emotions, sleep & recovery, beauty & youth, vitality & energy.

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No more going to “take the cure” solely to relieve ailments, aches and pains! These days, whilst the quest for wellness has become a priority for everyone, thalasso is the perfect cocktail, combining Zen, the art of healthy living and “happy therapy”. The chance to slow down, recharge your batteries, reconnect body and mind and take in great lungfuls of fresh iodine-rich air. Feel reinvigorated or simply do yourself some good...

Over 50 years of expertise

Europe's leading thalassotherapy brand, Thalassa sea & spa offers exceptional well-being breaks by the sea. Providing a re-energizing tonic combined with gentle relaxation, the locations include the most beautiful seafronts on the Atlantic coast, the English Channel, the Mediterranean and Arabian Gulf, for a total change of scene.
Sofitel, MGallery, Pullman, Novotel, Mercure, ibis… the Thalassa sea & spa network incorporates addresses from several of the hotel brands within the Group, directly connected to the Thalasso Institutes.

So many invitations to experience the sea in all its fullness...

Everyone can enjoy the countless seawater benefits of thalassotherapy: a detox weekend, slimming target, an opportunity to just let go, a sports getaway or rejuvenating beauty treatment program?  No need to deprive yourself! Whether enjoyed singly, as a couple, with the family or friends... a multitude of well-being and leisure experiences are right at hand.

Besides the classic treatments for which the brand is renowned, Thalassa sea & spa offers innovative specific options such as aquatic osteopathy, music therapy and respirology.

So many opportunities to experience the sea in a totally different way... and so many excuses to say “I can't, I've got Thalassa”!

Sea, iodine & fun

Thalassotherapy brings the natural benefits of marine ingredients, producing a regenerative and restorative effect on the body. During heated seawater treatments and seaweed wraps, the skin absorbs the trace elements and minerals that our bodies need. 
Seaside walks, with the wind in our hair, are true moments of freedom when we can completely relax and let go, a breath of fresh air that recharges our bodies, deep down. A healthy seaside getaway that combines revitalizing treatment, a cocktail of minerals and a breath of energy.
Stays at Thalassa Sea & Spa offer unique moments of pure escape, the opportunity to fully experience the sea and all its benefits. Dawn runs along the ocean shore, boat excursions or relaxing to the sound of the waves...  At the dining table, the chefs take your taste buds on a journey, with an emphasis on fresh seafood, combining gourmet delights with nutritional balance. 
The sea leaves its lasting impression throughout.


Nature restores me; I shall protect nature

For Thalassa sea & spa, protecting the sea and the environment is a priority. That is why all Thalassa sea & spa institutes in France have ISO 14001 international environmental management certification.

It’s a commitment that is reflected in particular in the emphasis on locally sourced produce on the restaurant menus, but also in measures for saving freshwater and energy, waste recycling and the AccorHotels “Plant for the Planet” reforestation program.

As for the water at the institutes, it is systematically filtered and chilled before being returned to the ocean. A way of thanking the sea by returning water to it that is cleaner than the water that was originally removed. A vital virtuous circle.


This light-drenched location, overlooking the ocean, offers the sensation of faraway lands right in the heart of Brittany. The first modern thalassotherapy institute came into being here 52 years ago. The hotel has retained the visionary spirit of its founder whilst being totally reimagined, taking its esthetic inspiration from Celtic culture and nature. All of the rooms offer a panorama and breathtaking sea view. The ideal spot for a well-being break!


Bathed in a gentle, radiant atmosphere, amidst the exuberant nature of the Mediterranean, in a bay where flamingoes gather every year in the turquoise waters of Porto Giunco in Southern Sardinia, the hotel invites guests to escape in ‘Dolce Vita’ style. A combination of water sports, excursions from cove to cove, and sublime therapies using the island's natural riches... the perfect destination to get away from it all and pamper yourself.


Situated between Mont St Michel and Cap Fréhel, the hotel offers a spectacular 180° view over the bay of Saint-Malo. The 1,500 m2 of sloping terraces constitute a real haven of relaxation, inviting guests to be rocked by the rhythm of the tides. The sea is omnipresent: enveloping and regenerative. Elegantly built in accordance with the art of Zen and bathed in light, this place offers an irresistible invitation to rest.


This luxury hotel, with its shell-like shape, enjoys a beach-front setting on the Arabian Gulf, where it is the first to offer thalassotherapy. Turquoise water, white sand, undulating architecture: the hotel sits on 9 hectares of private beach, just steps away from the protected marine paradise of Al Areen nature reserve. Here the sea and light take care of everyone. 


The designer and architect, Jean-Philippe Nuel has succeeded in recreating the elegant, timeless atmosphere of the very first spa resorts. The external facades have been retained to preserve the full authenticity of the place. The institute, steeped in the ambiance of the first seawater baths at Trouville-sur-Mer, offers precious moments of relaxation, leisure and well-being, just 2 hours away from Paris. Why deprive yourself?


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