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Swissôtel has rapidly made a name for itself for its style, the quality of its services, its bedrooms with their modular functionality and the feature which makes it unique: its contemporary approach to Swiss hospitality. The brand’s mission is to welcome each guest in the best possible way and to remain loyal to its Alpine heritage. Swissôtel fulfills its mission by adhering to the following values: Respect, Integrity, Implication, Safety and Security.

  • 31 hotels

  • 11,993 rooms

  • 16 countries

In Switzerland, hiking in the Alps, eating organic food and staying fit at our own pace is essential. That is why, wherever you are, « Vitality » is the key. « Vitality » is both a philosophy and a program for Swissôtel, which highlights well-being and quality of life. By providing a wide range of possibilities to boost mental and physical fitness while respecting each guest’s availability and comfort zone, Vitality enables you to feel as fit while travelling as you do at home.

The vitality of the Alps leaves the mind free to wander... Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Thanks to Pürovel, you can experience all four seasons of natural vitality in one short stay. Pürovel’s Swiss-made bath products, produced with ingredients grown in an Alpine garden, or one of Pürovel’s exclusive massages, are perfect examples of ways to feel the benefits.

5 emblematic addresses


Discover a new culture through its culinary delights at Swissôtel Merchant Court Singapore. Situated on the banks of the Singapore River, above a bustling market place you can take in the sights, sounds and aromas that surround you. Infused with Swiss hospitality, Perankan heritage, local customs and trade, our innovative cuisine celebrates the best of Straits Chinese, Asian and international flavours.


Find yourself right in the heart of Istanbul and history when you stay with us. Nestled on the European banks of the Bosphorus, our 5-star hotel is located in the historic gardens of the Dolmabahçe Palace. This 19th century landmark was the last residence of Ottoman Empire Sultans. Made with sustainability in mind and built with consideration for the beauty and integrity of its surroundings, Swissôtel the Bosphorus breathes new life into tradition. 


When you stay at Swissôtel Nankai Osaka you can enjoy direct access to Nankai Railway’s Namba train station with connections across Japan and the world. In fact, the contemporary 5-star hotel is located directly above the station, right in the heart of Minami, Osaka’s bustling entertainment, dining and shopping district. You are within easy reach of the historic city of Kyoto, the monuments of Ancient Nara UNESCO World Heritage Centre, and the cosmopolitan port city of Kobe. Live in the moment and let curiosity be your guide


Swissôtel Büyük Efes Izmir is an unforgettable location nestled in 12,000 square metres of landscaped gardens overlooking the Aegean Sea. This urban retreat is also a mecca for art with over 800 exhibits from around the world by emerging Turkish artists as well as the renowned Rabarama, Fernando Botero, Lorenzo Quinn, Mike Berg, and Anthony Gormley.


Discover the rich cultural heritage and treasures of Dresden when you stay at Swissôtel Dresden Am Schloss. Swiss tradition and local history is infused throughout the 5-star hotel in a modern and stylish way. The grand peacock mosaic in the lobby greets guests upon arrival, while the interior walls are adorned with large floral motifs inspired by the iconic Blue Onion pattern of the renowned Meissen porcelain.


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