John Paul

John Paul, the world leader in the concierge market, is revolutionizing loyalty by reconnecting brands with their guests and companies with their employees.



John Paul is the guest relations expert. Thanks to our world renowned concierge brand, we guarantee excellent service both for simple requests and unusual requests alike. What is the John Paul ethos? Impeccable service at all times. The quest for excellence is part of the DNA of the world leader in concierge services.

  • 24/24 7 days a week

  • 5 continents

  • + 1,000 members of staff

  • +50,000 partners

  • + 1,000,000 requests dealt with annually

The John Paul revolution

John Paul's ancestors delighted generations of some of the most demanding guests on the planet. As luxury hotel concierges, they embodied their attentive relationship with each of their guests.

Now, on behalf of those brands and companies that are most attentive to their guest relationship, John Paul is cultivating the enduring values of the Concierge: memory, intuition, commitment, an exceptional network and unfailing discretion.

So John Paul is reinventing the very core of the profession. The brand has therefore created “the augmented Concierge”. In the greatest tradition of the Concierge, with the resources arising from the digital revolution.

  • Memory, augmented by Customer Knowledge tools and methods
  • Intuition, augmented by cognitive technologies
  • Commitment, augmented by procedures and a global presence, 24/7
  • An exceptional network, augmented by a professional community and global databases
  • And always, always, discretion

John Paul DNA

  • A passion for the job: the service culture as the center of our concern
  • Thoroughness: delivering the best guest experience at each point of contact
  • Innovation: constantly reinventing the service of tomorrow

The 1st digital concierge

Cutting-edge technology, way ahead of its time. John Paul's CRM software uses the latest innovations in Customer Knowledge: natural language, multichannel management, detection of affinity profiles (similar profiles) and personalization of contact channels.

The patented proprietary software developed by John Paul has been specifically designed to meet the demands of the job. It is an indispensable tool for concierges to create a close, personalized relationship with guests.

The largest concierge address book in the world

John Paul is an international service available in over 15 languages and based on a network of over 50,000 prestigious partners throughout the world.

John Paul has a unique asset: the ability to internationalize the customer service profession by adapting to local culture and developing specific new partners. Its network guarantees unrivalled responsiveness and efficiency, which is then made available to guests.  With this window onto the world, John Paul helps promote French-style excellence, home and abroad.


5 member experiences: John Paul expertise related through 5 types of requests 

Exceptional life experiences

Access to exclusive venues

Retrieving the keys to a scooter left in the ignition

The best seats even when it's sold out!

Organizing a black and white party ... with penguins!