Our Stories

projects we support often change the beneficiaries' lives for the better, but are also particularly meaningful for our hotel staff. Some great success stories have started life thanks to our hotels. Read all about them.

Beneficiary of Solidarity AccorHotels, smiling while showing arts and crafts she made

Beneficiary of Solidarity AccorHotels, smiling while showing arts and crafts she made


Children of the Dawn

Supported since 2011 by Solidarity AccorHotels, the NGO 'Children of the Dawn' works in South Africa to encourage the training and professional integration of orphans from rural communities hard hit by poverty or AIDS.

Kgotlelelo, a young orphan girl from Johannesburg, has been assisted by the NGO since 2005. Despite all the disadvantages and difficulties she faced, the NGO did everything necessary to keep her in the educational system and has helped her to build a future for herself. An internship at the Mercure Hotel Nelspruit in 2011 helped her decide which career route she wanted to follow.

In 2014, after passing her baccalaureate, she went on to university, still assisted by the NGO. Kgotlelelo has today become a brilliant young woman and has successfully passed her degree in Tourism.


Earning a living... with gastronomy

The Centro Social Menino Jesus, a Brazilian NGO founded in 2007, seeks to accompany people suffering serious difficulties (children, teenagers and adults) in the social, educational and professional fields.

In 2012, Rinaldo Ferreira dos Santos, the pastry chef from the Pullman São Paulo and a volunteer with the NGO, set up the project: "Com Gastronomia se Põe a Mesa*". Supported on several occasions by Solidarity AccorHotels, his 10-month programme provides training in the food-related trades for people in difficulty.

This committed staff member devotes all his free time to the project. Each year, around 40 people in difficulty are trained in cooking, pastry-making and confectionery-making. The trainees have drawn inspiration from this programme and many are keen to open their own small businesses after their training is complete. 

*Earn your daily bread through gastronomy